Angels win the 2002 World Series

Angels win the 2002 World Series

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Ken NelsonI was born in CA. and primarily raised in Huntington Beach CA, which looking back I feel very fortunate for my upbringing in such a beautiful city. I have one brother and two sisters who I am very close too. I am permanently disabled due to a motorcycle accident on May 20, 1995 which broke my neck leaving me a quadriplegic. I hope you find my site interesting and helpful. You can also get the 2013 Angels Schedule directly from here. I'll see you at the ballpark,

My KidsI have three children Meagan born January 1986, Brandon born January 1988 and Shelby born April 1992, who are the most important people in my life. Meagan is now married to Dusty Hennings and they have three kids Devan born January 29, 2005, Bailey Born June 27, 2007 and Shane born December 24, 2012. Brandon has returned from serving his mission in Vancouver, British Columbia for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints and is now in Utah going to college at BYU. Shelby graduated from high school and is now living in Hemet.


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